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Kebaby Morden

This is located at the center of Morden. Easily the best in town!

020 8544 5444

Our Story

A Turkish family tradition.

At KEBABY we bring the rich tradtion of turkish food directly to your plate. All our ingredients are of the best quality and with our careful preparation we can safely say that you will have the best kebabs in London only at KEBABY.

At KEBABY we work hard to ensure your satisfaction both in our service and in your meal. We use only the best English lamb in all our Kebabs ensuring they are of the finest quality. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service please inform us immediately so that we can correct it.

The Photo Gallery

This is what some of our dishes look like.

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    Kebaby HQ

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    Grill platter

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    Succulent Shawarma

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    Grilled Chicken Burger

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    Griller at work

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